DV 18BVT, Fork-lift truck, Capacity 1800kg   (Z510088)

Front fork-lift truck with capacity 1800kg and diesel engine YANMAR
Recommended price (net of VAT) / Pc
490 300,00 CZK
Price including VAT / Pc
593 263,00 CZK
Price (net of VAT) / Pc
490 300,00 CZK
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The mentioned truck type belongs to the classic front fork-lift truck Belet the series DV (diesel version) with capacity 1800kg and lifting height 3000 - 6000mm, realized by the lifting device version STANDARD, DUPLEX, TRIPLEX. A preference of the fork-lift trucks are efficient Japanese engines. Diesel engine YANMAR are guarantee for high service dependability and service life also by high loading in multi-shift operation. Gyroscopic moment of these engines is transmit by automatic transmission. The own shifting is solved by a lever with position forward, backward and neutral without necessity use the clutch pedal. Clutch pedal is combined with the brake function, where in one half of lift make it possible the micro-travel and in the second braking. Truck driving is solved by servo control. So it is possible to turn the driving wheels also on a place without necessity to use big exertion. Safety operation is assured by standard mounting of direction lights, brake lights, back mirrors and acoustic signalling of reverse travel. Very low engine-noise level, low-emissions and pleasant design highlights the above mentioned preferences of fork-lift trucks Belet the series MV and DV. It is possible to mount on the truck after agreement additional equipments such as exhaust-gas catalyst, side shift, and different types of clamps for special use (paper rolls, drums, etc.) thorn for carpets, heated cabs, etc. Standard air wheels can be replaced by super elastics wheels or double-mounting wheels. Our salespeople will give you the technical specifications.
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