NFX 15AP/AC - Electric pallet truck with AC system   (Z300100)

Low-lift pallet truck with electric travel and AC lifting, capacity 1500kg, lifting height 200mm, overall fork width 650mm
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99 001,00 CZK
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119 791,20 CZK
Price (net of VAT) / Pc
99 001,00 CZK
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Low-lift pallet truck with electric travel and lifting is stated for load transport on EURO Pallets, possibly platforms adapted to fork lifting, in stores for transport on short and middle distances by minimal operator straining by lifting and travelling. Pallet truck is provided with 3-phase AC drive motor, which is maintenance free; ensure longer operating time between recharge, high efficiency by acceleration and braking on slopes. No polar electronic-control is programmable for specific tasks or operator skill levels. Smooth travel and lift combine with excellent controls reduce product damage and increase productivity. A heavy-duty 24-volt electrical system provides good travel and lift speed. High quality hydraulic pump assures very little noise, maximum efficiency and durability. Drive unit is equipped with an electromagnetic brake that is spring applied and electrically release. Brake is activated by the control handle position. Ergonomic designed control handle is provided with buttons for raising, lowering and horning. Lift limit switch is activated at maximum lift height; it comes to shut off pump motor. Truck is provided with electronic controller CURTIS. Truck has an excellent stability in operation with and without load.
In store
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Travel motor - 24V/750W, lifting motor - 24V/800W, charger-built-in - 24V/8A, power supply - traction battery 2x12V/80Ah, electronic controller - CURTIS
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